when you feel nothing, but sadness.

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"If you want to keep me you’ve got to love me harder. And if you really need me you’ve got to love me harder."

- Ariana Grande, Love Me Harder. (via andrewwrichard)

(via you-me-and-everyone-we-know)

she hadn’t slept for days and her eyelids hurt. she forced her eyes to keep open but it was a battle against herself. she couldn’t answer the question why. and she couldn’t tell him why. but he, he waited for her. he sat on the highest step and watched her breast rising and falling.

(Quelle: a-hundred-silent-ways)

The hardest thing about losing you is that it didn’t just happen once. I lose you every single day that we don’t speak. When i wake up in the morning and reach for my phone and hope to see a message that isn’t there, and when I go to sleep and I hope you’ll text me goodnight, but you don’t. And I lose you in all of the moments in between, in all the hours of silence that go by where I do nothing but think of you. And i hate that I never got to tell you what you really meant to me. But you never wanted to listen. Not saying anything was my language and the silence was my voice

(Quelle: a-hundred-silent-ways)